glenn underground | jan 30 | cariocas beach bar | vice versa

Chicago house music legend, Glenn Underground, will visit Greece for the first time ever and will give us a unique DJ set, this Friday Jan 30 @ Vice Versa. Not to be missed.

mannix ft. rainy payne - breathless

Soulful house music injected with a touch of disco, from DJ Mannix. Breathless we are! Support the artists, buy the music.

ia exclusive | downtown shades vol.1

This is our latest mix, IA Exclusive Downtown Shades Vol.1. Tracklist not available, just let the music play.

vinyl is back | 13/3 - 15/3/2015

The Ritual when listening to vinyl, that magic moment when the tt's needle enters the grooves and the warm sound is spurting from the speakers, has brought together a group of people who created the "Vinyl is Back". An event that brings to life every music lover's dream, and was massively embraced from the first moment. Once again at Technopolis, 100 Piraeus Str., Athens.

the tibbs - cleaned out

"The Tibbs" are a three-man horn section band, along with their front-woman on the vocals, Elsa Bekman, and were formed in 2012. They started as a cult act, playing obscure instrumentals and long forgotten Memphis and Northern Soul classics and they soon felt the urge to expand the repertoire with their own songs. The result is a surprising, exciting mix of heartfelt originals. This track was released on Sep 2014 in vinyl 7'' format, as well as digital. Listen loud.

peterbass | dec 2014 deeper mix

Freshly squeezed liquid drum 'n bass by our own Peterbass. Let it flow.