friends & strangers

This was also the album's name and it was released on Blue Note Records in1977. Dance on it.

sunrise sunset

With 'Sunrise Sunset', the British-born producer Toni Lionni has provided us with a delightful sultry house number, filling the slow-burner with euphoric piano chords and mesmerising synth stabs which perfectly reflect the track's title.

what a wonderful world

What A Wonderful re-edit by Senior Citizen, that is our own DJ "S". No. 12 on the 1957 Billboard Hot 100, originally by Sam Cooke. Herman's Hermits charted better with a cover of the song in 1965, reaching number four in the US and no. 7 in the UK, respectively. Another cover by Art Garfunkel in the late 1970s impacted the charts as well.

ibadan 20th anniversary

Keep it up yo!!!! Coming up the 20th anniversary of Ibadan Label @ Pulse London...... Cya there!!!!

home cookin' vibraphone

Bobby Hutcherson, an exceptional Jazz vibraphone & marimba player from LA California. He became one of the defining voices in the so-called "new thing" portion of Blue Note's glorious '60s roster. Hutcherson gradually moved into a more mainstream, modal post-bop style that, if not as adventurous as his early work, still maintained his reputation as one of the most advanced masters of his instrument.

another love

Excellent rework on a Chantal Curtis' classic from our own VinylAddicted, released on Whiskey Disco on September 8th. Grab your copy now disco lovers!