fri night jul11 & sat afternoon jul12 | harris gabriel on board | theros wave beach bar

Follow us this weekend with Harris Gabriel on board @ Theros Wave beach bar's decks! Deep & soulful music by the sea. That's the spirit!

fri night jul 4 & sat afternoon jul 5 | harris gabriel on board | theros wave beach bar

This weekend we 're back @ Theros Wave Bar in Voula's beach, with Harris Gabriel on board serving us some of the finest summer grooves! Friday 4/7 from 21:00 till late and Saturday afternoon

harris gabriel | fri 13 & sat 14 from 21:00 till late | @ theros wave beach bar

Such a great moral satisfaction to know that the music you play is not only highly appreciated but hits straight into the vein. This weekend we 're coming back @ Theros Wave Bar Athens, down on Voula's beach, with Harris Gabriel on decks doing his thing. Let's get it on people!

harris gabriel | sat 7 & sun 8/6 | theros wave bar athens

Let's get it on this weekend w/ Harris Gabriel on the beach bar's dexx!! Yeayyy!!

boys don't cry | friday 6.6 | partners le bar

This Friday June 6th, we are heading south @ Partners le bar with freshly squeezed cocktails and Harris Gabriel on board delivering the spirit of summer!

weekend @ theros wave bar athens

This weekend (Saturday May 31st and Sunday, June 1st) Harris Gabriel will be rocking the beach @ Theros Wave bar Athens. From 13:00 to 20:00 hours. Join the sun!

boys don't cry | fri may 23rd | partners le bar

Our own Partners le bar is hosting a series of House music events, so this Friday May 23rd, Harris Gabriel will be taking over the decks, boarding us on a journey through deep and soulful tunes. Boys Don't Cry, so, put your smile on and join us, as we 're heading straight for the summer...